Benefits of an Oscha Sling

Benefits of an Oscha Sling

"Regular, frequent touch and close contact is vital to an infant's physical and emotional growth. Put simply, babies need to be carried, and babies thrive when they are carried."

Dr Rosie Knowles, MRCGP, Sheffield Sling Surgery

Babies feel secure and loved...

Strato Caprica wrap

...when they are held close to you. A sling creates a cosy, snug environment where the baby can hear your heartbeat and it is reassuring and calming for them as it mimics being in the womb. Research shows that babies carried for only 1 or 2 hours a day cry 43% less overall and 54% less in the evening hours.

When your baby is relaxed, their biological systems are not stressed. This means that their heart and breathing rates are optimal, their digestive system works at its best, and their temperature is suitably regulated. Research has shown that babies develop best, both emotionally and mentally when they feel secure and relaxed at this early time in their lives.

Optimum for learning...

Babies, who are in a sling are in a state of ‘quiet alertness’, which is optimal for learning. They are at the right height to see and hear everything that you are doing, and they can interact easily. It is an ideal, comfy and safe spot from which to learn, view the world, hear you talking, and see all the things that you do.

Beneficial Positioning...

The position your baby is in when in a sling is beneficial for many reasons...

  • The upright position in the sling can help colicky babies and those with reflux
  • The tummy to tummy contact which the sling provides, gently massages the baby’s abdomen, which can help with digestion and cases of trapped wind and constipation.
  • If a baby is carried with good positioning (in a spread-squat position - see 'How to Carry') this can enhance and promote healthy hip development.
  • Time spent upright in a sling has the same effect on a baby's muscles as 'tummy time', as it helps them to develop their core strength. This is essential for their physical development, from holding their heads up to crawling and walking.
  • As babies spend much time lying on their backs these days there is an increasing incidence of 'flat-head syndrome'. Time spent in the sling can help guard against this.

Parents Benefit too...

You can comfortably carry your child in an Oscha Sling for much longer than you could carry the same child loose in your arms. Using a sling means that you don’t put stress on your hips, back or arms by carrying for extended periods. When used properly, an Oscha Sling places your child at your centre of gravity, with their weight being distributed evenly and comfortably around your body. Parents who are practiced at using slings often comment on how long they can comfortably carry their children. Many who have back problems have noted that the use of a sling actually reduced their symptoms.

Sugar and spice

Hands Free...

For many parents, when baby cries there can be a huge conflict: they want to care for their child by picking them up and comforting them but there are always many other demands that need attention. Carrying your baby in a sling frees your hands to do many other tasks and to interact with other children, for instance, housework, gardening, picking up or playing with a toddler. You can also breastfeed discreetly or bottle-feed with support while on the go. It is an ideal situation as your baby is soothed, relaxed or even asleep in your sling and you are now able to calmly do the things that need to be done. This contributes to a more relaxed atmosphere for everyone.

A feeling of Closeness

Carrying a baby in a sling provides a wonderful opportunity to bond with your child/grandchild/niece/nephew etc. Even walking to the shops or doing a daily task can be a moment for a lovely cuddle. It is a delightful, relaxing feeling to have a soothed or sleeping baby snuggled up against you. It also gives you the peace of mind and security of knowing exactly how your child is at each moment.

We can go anywhere!

Using a sling enables you to go places and take routes you wouldn't have been able to with a buggy or a pram. You can climb stiles, take small, bumpy paths, go up the escalator, and nip in and out of shops with small doors. Getting on and off public transport is made easy: there is no need to wait for a free buggy space on a bus. Love to walk in the countryside? Now you can go wherever you want!

Wraps are Incredibly Versatile

Baby Wraps are infinitely adjustable, with no buckles, webbing or stiff fabrics. You can use them for any age group and you, or any other carers, can share the same wrap. Not only can you carry your child on your front, back and hip, in each position you have a myriad of choices about the kind of carry you want to use.

Ring Slings are Easy and Elegant

Andaluz Anise ring sling

Ring slings are very quick to use, they can be very handy for quick trips from the car to shop, for a child that wants up and down a lot, or just if you want something very simple to use.

Ring slings are adjustable and light, they pack up small. They also look extremely elegant and are often the choice of baby carrier for taking to special occasions such as Christenings and weddings.

Compact and Lightweight

Oscha Slings are very compact in that they fold down to a small, lightweight bundle that can be carried in your bag. Alternatively, they come with our own lightweight Oscha cotton bag for your convenience.

Ethical and Environmentally Friendly

An Oscha sling is a very environmentally friendly. They are bio-degradable, low impact, durable and, with care, they can last for generations. We use as little packaging as we can and natural bio-degradable materials where possible. No harsh chemicals are used in making our slings and we also offer organic options.

Made in Great Britain

Oscha slings are manufactured in the UK as we like to support local industry as well as reduce carbon emissions.

Easy to wash and quick drying

Oscha Slings are easy to wash and quick drying, a very handy quality when dealing with babies, who can be very messy, as we all know!