Crafting your Wraps – From Creation to Customer

Crafting your Wraps – From Creation to Customer

Fabric cutting machine

Wrap artwork ideas usually originate with our Design Team, though staff and customer input often plays a significant role. Once finalised, we work with our weavers to fine tune the design in fabric form, from tweaking pick rates to adjusting line weights. Here's where the magic really starts to happen, as sketches come to life on woven prototypes.

Colours and blends are chosen with some key considerations in mind - fashion trends, seasonal inspiration, opportunities to experiment with newly available yarn blends, upcoming collections and customer feedback. Every season, Zoe and Mike submit a new fabric order to our weavers, who work with our dyers and finishers to make sure that we achieve the look and feel we want.

Our fabric arrives at Oscha HQ having been woven in England, where it’s also washed and finished. Pallet loads of rainbow coloured rolls of material are transferred from the truck to our production workspace, met with keen anticipation and many ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs’ when we get to see and touch the fabrics, colours and patterns we’ve been waiting to see for weeks.

From there, our Production Team create cutting plans and get to work arranging the cut list by priority. Baby Wraps, ring slings, shawls and scarves are cut on our Cutting Machine, a feat of engineering and technology made to our specifications. Ceo scarves and carriers are hand cut on what very possibly may be the longest table in Scotland.... Throughout this process, staff are constantly checking the fabric for quality, to ensure that any issues are identified and dealt with at the earliest opportunity.

Sewing an Oscha wrap

Then it’s on to our machinists, who piece together the carriers in teams and hem our wraps, ring slings and accessories. The machinist’s space is buffered wall to wall with intense colour – piles of cut fabric and hemmed products, carefully organised by priority, are constantly shifting throughout the room. Checks happen at each stage, but the final inspection is carried out by our Quality Control Team. Every single item passes through their hands, and the team’s attention to detail and skilled hand-stitching mean that every piece gets the care it requires to make it safe, comfortable and enduring.

After checking, products are packed into their cotton bags, and stored in dust-free containers on our shelves where they hardly get a chance to settle in before being whisked off by our Customer Service and Mail Team, collecting orders to send out. Mail trucks arrive throughout the day leaving with sacks of fluffy mail and other treats, on their way out to you.