How to Carry using an Oscha Sling

How to Carry using an Oscha Sling

Make sure you and your baby are feeling calm, content and happy before trying your sling the first few times. You could also practice using a teddy or doll, and checking in the mirror is useful.

Taking a walk after your baby is in the sling is a good idea the first few times to allow your baby to settle and get used to it.

When trying out back carries initially it is a recommended to practice over a bed or another soft surface and to have someone with you to help.

Here are some key points to remember:

  1. Make sure you are wrapping quite tightly. It should feel like a bandage; too loose and the material will sag and baby will not remain close to your centre of gravity. This means baby will not be held securely and it will be uncomfortable for you both.

  2. In every carry always ensure that a good ‘seat’ is created for your baby by tucking a good amount of fabric up under her bum and ensuring that the fabric is spread knee pit to knee pit.

  3. The child should be in a ‘froggy’ position with their knees at the same height or higher than their bottom/hips to provide optimal positioning for knee and hip joints.

  4. You should be able to kiss the top of your baby’s head when they are on your front; if they are too low it may strain your back.

There are many more ways to use your wrap and a huge variety of carries you can do with each wrap length. Choose one carry to begin with (front wrap cross carry is a good one) and practice that until you have mastered it. This way you will learn about how to work the fabric to spread and tighten it well. You can then move on to other carries with more ease.